Receivables Financing

​INVIOU is a platform for registry networks that enables partners, affiliates and competitors to collaborate in order to diminish fraud and friction to provide a healthy ecosystem for all stakeholders.


Many financial service providers are facing fraudulent applications for credit lines and asset based financing, where multiple applications are being used in different platforms/lenders but there is no single source of collaboration for the financiers to make sure that eventually there will not be duplicate funding. INVIOU offers a collateral registry for commercial documents used in the receivables financing industry.


INVIOU’s platform is open to any authorized financial services company or platform that wishes to gain access to one of INVIOU's networks.


INVIOU’s technology enables network members to authenticate, cross-check and detect suspected copies of confidential records without the need to expose the actual record. The network serves as a single source of truth for private and sensitive information, preventing various types of fraudulent activities that exploit the existing information asymmetry as well as reduce friction and costs to all participants.


Factoring and Receivable financing are ways for businesses to borrow money against the amounts due from customers. This type of financing helps businesses improve cash flow, pay employees and suppliers, and reinvest in operations and growth without waiting for their customers to pay their balances.

Warehouse Receipt Systems

Warehouse receipt financing is a proven instrument for allowing farmers, traders, processors and exporters to obtain finance secured by goods deposited in a warehouse. It is a key credit tool for rural SMEs that lack sufficient conventional loan collateral.

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